About Our Spiritual Journey . . .

God’s Peace!

Thanks for inviting us into your space for a moment so we can announce to you “God’s peace!” God wants to “complete” each of us, to give us the wholeness that comes with spiritual life.  Peace means more than absence of conflict, it means wholeness, completeness.  God’s peace is the spiritual wholeness God gives when…


If you think of every 15 years as a new generation there are six generations between birth and 90 years of age.  We at Immanuel are multigenerational at heart, but in fact we have been mainly people in the 4th, 5th and 6th generations. We are now experiencing a renewal that brings more of our…

Word of Promise

The Word is living and it accomplishes the purposes God intends if we do not resist Him.  Jesus came to bring salvation, and He promises full spiritual life to us. Why would anyone resist a promise?  We each have our reasons, but they tend to center on going our own way.  We may be afraid…

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