A Congregation Moving from Crisis to

Renewal in Mission

ChurchImmanuel Lutheran Church — Eugene, Oregon

The Context of our Story

Our congregation has been ministering in Eugene, Oregon, for over fifty years, but had suffered some serious setbacks in the past few years. We are now in the middle of a “renewal” drive, which began in 2014.

At that time, Immanuel contemplated gracefully closing our doors, or asking for external financial support and ministry partners to renew our congregation. After prayerfully considering these options, we “chose life” and have since been blessed by receiving much needed external support to make further efforts. These funds allowed the permanent call of our present pastor, allowing us a time of financial stability as we try to reach outside of our walls to a younger generation.

We are now in the middle of this renewal period, and beginning to see the fruit of these efforts in many connections with younger generations. We also now have the unique opportunity to partner with a young man (Isaiah) interested in serving at Immanuel while he attends Seminary online!

To further our renewal efforts, we are presently looking for partners who will help support Isaiah’s tuition and a small stipend as he serves alongside us. If you are interested in supporting us in this, please pray, contact us about any financial gifts, or even consider joining us at 2533 Crescent Ave to be part of our efforts here on the ground!

Click on the button below to download a PDF of our initial “Ministry Renewal Fund” proposal document from 2014

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