Word of Promise

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Word of Promise

The Word is living and it accomplishes the purposes God intends if we do not resist Him.  Jesus came to bring salvation, and He promises full spiritual life to us.

Why would anyone resist a promise?  We each have our reasons, but they tend to center on going our own way.  We may be afraid like the people of Israel were at Mount Sinai, afraid to relate face to face and heart to heart with God.  Even if he promises grace to us, we don’t think we need what is promised, we might resist it on the basis of pride, if nothing else.  And we may feel unworthy until we realize that God addresses this also with His proclamation of peace.

God tells us in a combination of “show and tell” ways that He is working out His purposes that were set on their way before “the foundations of the earth were laid,” and those purposes mean life for us.  There is something cosmic about it.

Still, the Scriptures take many forms and we don’t understand it all.  We have to work up from the basics.  We know that words alone only communicate within language forms, and language forms only have meaningful content when there is a human setting for them.  So God chose Israel and let the unfolding of His revelation of Himself take place in a particular context: their geography, their history, their culture, their surrounding cultures.  His thoughts are not our thoughts so God is speaking to us within a context that we can come to understand.  God our Creator knows all about the limitations of language.  That is why God has given us the Holy Spirit to work in and through the Word.  Of course, one of the most astounding ways He communicates is through His Son, Jesus, the “express image of the Father.”

But, when all is said and done, it is an encounter with the God who promises us that these things are most certainly true that reaches our hearts and changes our direction of life.  When we trust His person, His Word and promise, hearing His Word becomes like meeting him heart to heart.   The Word comes to life in our hearts when we can say in a child-like way, “God, you have promised!”  God graciously leads us into the life which arises from the seed of His Word and the gracious life-giving work of the Holy Spirit.

Abiding in His Word is what we do.  We are a Word-centered church.